Couch Hoppers Movement

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HOSTS:  Tyjon Tom and UK Dorsey

TITLE Couch Hoppers

GENRE:  Webisode Travelogue

TAGLINE:  “The Impulsive Travelers

PITCH:  Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations meets Destination Truth

LOG LINE: Travel along with filmmakers, Tyjon and UK, as they couch hop to the grittiest and most exotic places in the world,

immersing in cultures in just 48 hours on a limited budget.




A diverse audience, ranging from ages 18 – 45. Young, adventurous, thrifty humanitarians.



When one thinks of traveling for pleasure, he envisions a healthy spending: staying in an upscale hotel or all-inclusive resort, dining in the finest restaurant, and boarding cruise ships. Why not experience a more intimate vacation—one that is emotionally rewarding? Experience a Couch Hoppers Movement! This social movement unifies spontaneity, adventure, history, education, and humor.  


The idea of Couch Hoppers originated from two filmmakers, who traveled the world (Haiti, Japan, Dominican Republic, Amsterdam, Bermuda, Senegal) on an impulse. They could only visit for a day or two, considering they had to return to work. Yet, the women dared to live on the edge.

When they traveled to some of the poorest countries around the globe, they noticed the most unnerving conditions among women, families, and communities including hunger, spread of disease, lack of education, unclean water, and scarce sanitation. So, Tyjon and UK became volunteers, immersing in these cultures, as opposed to just being tourists. They realized that traveling did not have to cost a fortune to be pleasurable. On a limited budget, they enhanced their skills, discovered new talents, established enduring friendships, and volunteered their time. 

The catch….you must abide by the Couch Hoppers Pledge:

1.     Two-Star or less accommodations must be made on the day of arrival unless a host    

         family invites you

2.     You must engage in the culture in 48 hours

3.     You must learn a new phrase/word in the native language

4.     You must maintain a limited budget

5.     You must photograph and record your experience


Couch Hoppers seeks to form an international community of humanitarians who will travel around the world in support of cultural immersion and social justice. 



Couch Hoppers strives to

  1. Develop an international community of Couch Hoppers
  2. Reinvent the nation’s perception of traveling for pleasure
  3. Introduce the thriftiest way to travel while becoming immersed in the culture
  4. Aid those who are destitute
  5. Promote the idea that we are Infinite Beings With One Pulse, One Destiny




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