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As couch hoppers, Tyjon and UK have added a new page to their filmmaking careers. Travel along with them as they scope the globe, including Tokyo, Amsterdam, Bermuda, Santo Domingo, Panama, Dakar, and Mumbai. 



Tyjon, “the driven force”, has over 15 years of experience in filmmaking. She wears many jackets: producer, director, writer, cinematographer, photographer, and impulsive traveler. Her goal is to empower the masses, specifically women who are victims of violence. She has worked with world-renowned Tyler Perry, producer/director/writer/actor, as post-production sound assistant on the stage play, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and top film producer Will Packer of Rainforest Films as associate producer on the film, Trois.  As a phenomenal director, she introduced her first feature film, My Soulfa, the story of an estranged daughter who hides her painful past by luring men into her psyche of sexual misconduct and delusions. As a professional photographer, Tyjon’s work has been illustrated in local Atlanta media, including Atlanta Tribune, The Daily Report, and JL Magazine, as well as international media.



Born a rebel, UK exceeds the norm. As a former news writer, producer, and editor of ABC News Bureau Incorporated, she breaks into the world of filmmaking and creative writing.  She wrote and directed the short film, Intercession: A Celebrate Recovery Story, about a young mother’s addiction to crack cocaine and her family‘s struggle to help her become drug- free. Since its debut, Intercession has become a high demand in local and national churches implementing the Celebrate Recovery Intervention Program. UK received rave reviews for her first feature screenplay, My Soulfa, a psycho thriller about a woman’s troubled past and her desire to have a child. She is the author of Kill Me Dead: A Memoir, the story of survival, living as an ESL teacher in Japan. UK's writings, expanding over 15 years, include shorts films, feature films, stage plays, commercials, and narratives. She is an impulsive traveler, author, screenwriter, and a creative soul.








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